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6th February 2001

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#1 16 years ago

Yay :D

Im off to play now, screw single player straight to multiplayer :D

Dr. Yoshi


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4th September 2002

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#2 16 years ago

Welcome to retail! Hope you find a good server! :)


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8th March 2002

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#3 16 years ago

LOL got mine on monday ;)

not cheap though is it :/ £35 ! and you get a crappy little case that dont even hold 2 cd's!! :mad::mad:

Major Lee High

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30th August 2002

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#4 16 years ago


/me expacks Unbreakable

We need to play sometime :D

We need to rangle up a Forum Game server like some of the Planet sites and other forums have! One or two nights a week the server is locked and passworded for our forums members :D

BTW that sig is huge yoshi lol


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6th September 2002

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#5 16 years ago

I agree =) Dazzle you all with my skills or running away like a little girl, especially when I got the flag :p (that smiley looks like it has a cold sore or somethin o_O)

Say, is the -=BFF=- clan still goin? I never got a reply -_-

Lord Omega

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31st August 2002

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#6 16 years ago

Yeah, we're still going. I'm the second-in-command of the clan, and CoolCommander is the leader. His email is [email][/email]. Mine is [email][/email].