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8th July 2003

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#61 17 years ago

Originally posted by Vanthem [COLOR=burlywood]Orange kicks lemon ass. :agreed: No, it's just "Source". V-Source was probably an early working name because nothin', not even Gabe Newell, calls it V-Source anymore. EDIT: By the way, everything Ditch said up there is absolutely true.[/color]

Bah, i read it in a magazine which was released last month. MY mistake. :confused:


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13th February 2003

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#62 17 years ago

check out this pic of a tank from some mod.... potd_20030711.jpg


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18th April 2003

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#63 17 years ago

Thats a kickass rendering, I cant wait for HLs. But as you all know, im really waiting and praying for Day of Defeat 2. on the HL2 engine:rock: :dance: Whats up Vanthem:mepimp: