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10th August 2002

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#21 16 years ago
C0cker, I think neon colored skins are the least of anyones worries. I'm more concerned about Aimbots

[color=burlywood]Aimbots target a color, that's in part what neon colored skins are for. You make a neon green skin for the head, tell the aimbot to lock on to that color and bam. I'm actually surprised so many people think colored skins are cheating here. In Wolfenstein or Quake, competitive clans seem to think it's their right to use them. You'd be called a noob for saying otherwise, heh. Technically they're not using altered skins, they tweak it with in-game commands, making things look all washed out so they can target people easier. Then there's all the config and cvar tweaks that they employ to reduce things like recoil, bullet dispersal, jump restrictions. Some even try to call it an "art".. :lol: Anyway, I'm glad to see Battlefield is less filled with these sorts of lamers.[/color]