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22nd October 2002

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#1 16 years ago

Found this on I have this installed and this mod makes dc even more popular then dc itself. This mod even has iron sights. wish dc would put those in but they wont.

Hey everyone. I've got a big announcement for all of you. A new revision to the popular "Tanelorn's DC Game Balance mod" is up, and this is one helluva update!

First, feast your eyes on the new class interface:


Sorry for the large size but smaller wouldn't let you see any details.

Now just looking at the menu, you will see there's been some serious class reconfiguration. So before the questions start rolling, let me post the list of revisions that appear in the readme.

----------------------------------------------- v0.8 (eigth release, 6 Jul 2003) FFARs and hellfires not firing during a sharp turn fixed FFAR blast radius reduced RPG / FFAR smoke effect changed slightly M203 / GP30 reload sequence corrected from 0.38 M16 single fire only New experimental M16 and AKM sounds Class selection menu given new graphics Multiplayer player list icons changed to US squad symbology Major overhaul on class system

--- Class system explination --- This was mostly done to correct the issues of medic / repair class types. I have also adjusted equipment items and class names. This serves to promote uniqueness between the two sides. A class breakdown follows:

-- US classes -- (all get knife and beretta) 1- Recon. (M25 sniper, handgrenades, binoculars) 2- Rifleman. (M16, handgrenades, M203) 3- Anti-Armor. (MP5, mines, SMAW) 4- Combat Medic. (M16, stinger, Medicbag) 5- Combat Engineer. (Remington, detpack, wrench) 6- Automatic Rifleman. (M249, handgrenades)

-- Iraqi classes -- (all get knife and browning hi-power) 1- Sniper. (Tabuk sniper, handgrenades) 2- Rifleman. (AKM, handgrenades, GP30) 3- Grenadier. (AKS-74u, mines, RPG-7) 4- Republican Guard. (AKS-74u, mortar, binoculars) 5- Engineer. (Skorpion, detpack, wrench) 6- Machinegunner. (PKM, handgrenades)

*** known issues *** The few bugged issues this release has are due to the game engine itself, which I have no control over. The issues are:

1- Can not assign a player list icon for the 6th class 2- Due to the single heli rocket magazine, helis do not show reloaded rocket models. 3- The arty interface will display your current weapon's iron sight. 4- Because the RPG was given a manual reload, the rocket is shown even after firing.

--------------------------------------------------- Yep, these classes are quite different from DC 0.38. And I'm sure some of you will be unhappy about the changes.

I stand by the changes, however. After alot of playtesting these classes are well rounded and none of them cover too many bases at once. My only real concern is over the stinger, which is used by the combat medic. It makes no realistic sense, but I wanted more incentive for people to play a medic.

The other issue is the Republican Guard, which has no medpack. I did this on purpose because I wanted to make the RG more of a leader. He can see the status of the men, use his binocs to help direct the battle, etc. As far as I'm concerned, the Iraqi combat medics wouldn't be very effective anyway. So leaving them out allows for more uniqueness between the sides.

***** DOWNLOAD LINK ***** Zip on over the the new Tanelorn Mod website to download the latest revision. (download from the mirror, it will be a couple days before I get the file uploaded to the other mirror)

While the site may not have the most current revision history posted yet, rest assured the newest file is there. Tanelorn Game Balance Mod website

A final note: The new AKM sound is very similar to EOD's AK-47. I swear I did not copy this sound. We probably used the same source material or something like that.:dance: