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22nd February 2003

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#1 15 years ago

DC_Extended is an extension of Desert Combat for Battlefield 1942. It's purpose is to add certain weapons that most feel would make the game more fun to play, modify existing weapons to compensate for minor annoyances and to modify certain official maps to take advantage of the new weapons.

Download link (approxiamately 5.5MB)-

The idea is that using existing models and program code from Desert Combat you can tweak things here and there to make it a little more fun to play.

DC_Extended also provides the ability to use the modified vehicles and standard vehicles on the same map at the same time. Only certain maps will have this ability when all the map changes are complete.

Since the release of DC 0.39k, DC_Extended also addresses a lot of balance issues that were introduced with 0.39k. The damage system for most weapons has been overhauled to be more fun to play with.

Highlights ---------- These are the simple highlights of what DC_Extended adds to Desert Combat

- Player guided SAM missiles - Player guided SCUD missile - SAM sites - M.O.A.B. - Parachuting Desert Patrol Vehicles - More guns on Hind and Blackhawk - Ural ammo supply truck. Also lays minefields. - Helipad with seahawk on destroyers - Phalanx guns on ships

DC_Extended 0.39k.1 is a minor update to DC_Extended so that it may be brought up to DC .39k standards. Along with DC_Extended bug fixes from the last release a few new "gizmos" were added to the guided missiles. This latest version of DC_Extended also fixes up some DC .39k balance issues that people were complaining about on the message boards. After testing we've found DC_Extended combined with.

Changes done ------------

Version 0.39k.1

- Adapted vehicles to new DCX standard - Converted El Alamein to include DCX vehicles - Adjusted MOAB blast - Adjusted SCUD blast radius - Increased Tomahawk blast force - Fixed Hellfire splash damage and direct hit force - Desert patrol Vehicle converted to DCX format - Springs adjusted on DPV - Torque adjusted on DPV to counter oversteer. Differential adjusted to compensate for lower torque - AC-130 will now paradrop DPVs - M-1974 and M-109 damage system restored to DC 0.38d level - Bots can now use SA-3Truck and fire missiles. they can't guide them yet though - Restored Browninghippo back to DC 0.38d level - Restored M203 and AK47GP30 to DC 0.38d level - Changed M203 damage system to be less powerful in splash damage and more in direct hits - Changed AK47GP30 damage to reflect M203 instead of mortar - Stinger adjusted to be more effective against helicopters - DC_Extended modified maps: . Bocage (SAM site , Ural , SCUD ) . El_Alamein (SAM site, Ural , SA-3Truck, SCUD) . Gazala (SAM Site , Ural , SA-3Truck , SCUD) . Guadalcanal (Fletcher, Gato) . Iwo_Jima (Fletcher) . Midway (Fletcher , Gato) . Omaha_Beach (Fletcher) . Wake (Fletcher)

Version 0.38d.9

- SAMs have a more powerful blast. They were weakened in the last release. A little too weak. - SAM has a 'health' bar. It's like a timer that shows you how long you have left before it self destructs. - Pressing "E" to exit the SAM will now instantly destroy it - Detonator (Secondary fire) now works perfectly. In all the tests the Detonator never failed to blow up the rocket. - SAM has a "Death camera". When the SAM blows up you'll be able to see the area where it exploded for 1 second before switching back to the launcher. This is a cool feature for filming movies. - Added "Death cam" to SCUD - Added timer to SCUD engine - Adjusted smoke effect on SCUD - Adjusted armor on AC-130 - Added timer to Tomahawk - Adjusted Tomahawk lifespan - Increased Tomahawk turn rates - Decreased Tomahawk speed - Decreased Tomahawk bomblet power - Fixed entry point to Tomahawk turret on Fletcher


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#2 15 years ago

this mod is well kool but there is no servers running it :(