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21st October 2002

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#1 15 years ago

Seeing as your the site admin we as a battlefield community would like this mod to be posted on the front page of this website. Its the Merciless Market Garden 3.7 texture pack. Prowlinger has mentioned he sent it in to here so where is it? I see some files being posted but not this mod. Here is a link about the mod. Everyone would like this mod to be posted upon this website. Thank you for your time.

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22nd October 2002

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#2 15 years ago

Good luck. Ever since noodle took over, this site has gone to total shit. Files posted more than a month ago aren't posted. Boot him out, get someone who can actually handle the job. Things ran a hell of a lot smoother when Vanthem and whoever were running things.

I speak for many who visit, and USED to visit this site that don't bother anymore because they've found more reliable BF1942 sources.


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8th November 2002

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#3 15 years ago

I feel I have to respond also. I used to come here everyday, eagerly anticipating new files. Sometimes its days between now. Not to knock on whos working it, but its gone downhill. Thanks for the texture pak.


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16th November 2002

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#4 15 years ago

I sent in a P51 skin weeks ago, its not even in the file status. I also have a Corsair, and 2 BF109 skins ready to go but havent sent them cause I dont see the point. What other site is best to send them in to be posted ?


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6th September 2002

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#5 15 years ago

I'll almost certainly get flamed for this, but what the hell :D

Firstly, Noodle doesnt do all the fileposting, he's the admin for it. There are people who he assigns to post the files as they come in; it's supposed to be faster this way, and easier on Noodle. But, a lot of these new fileposters dont seem to be very reliable.

[COLOR=darkred]He is, however, looking for some more fileposters, so why not quit yer whining and volunteer? =p[/COLOR]

We've had a lot of threads like this one, lets keep it to one extremely whiney, bloated topic eh?

Anyway, don't think I don't have my share of discontent now and then with the site. I sent in a little Kubelwagon skin on September 8th I think, and it never got posted, likely because the poster flaked off. Life will find a way to continue, even if Prowlinger's latest creation is brought to light a day or two late (i'm anticipating it too though, crosshair selector and whatnot ^_^)

I'm sure I had something else to say, but I completely forgot what it was >.< Oh well! I'll remember when i'm a pile of ashes, after it would have come in handy ^___^;;