Problem With DC in BC -1 reply

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#1 14 years ago

I have the new .lst file..and an updaded cfg file.

I have been working on this map since before the .5 release..and everything was fine through that. I edited my cfg with the command lines: OpenMODArchive=Mods\DesertCombat\Archives\standardMesh.rfa OpenMODArchive=Mods\DesertCombat\Archives\Texture.rfa OpenMODArchive=Mods\DesertCombat\Archives\STANDARDMESH_001.rfa OpenMODArchive=Mods\DesertCombat\Archives\Texture_001.rfa

so that i could see the vehicles...not jsut boxes...and hat i could see dc objects

i also have in my .lst some dc objects that i want to use

are any of those things that i did preventing me from playing my map?? because every time i load(since i did that) it crashed to windows after completion

should i not use dc objects?? is that my problem?? your help is GREATLY appreciated


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#2 14 years ago

dude... i have that problem... i used loads of DC object spawns and DC objects but the loading bar runs to the top then makes a beep, then goes to desktop... and its really annoying so would anyone like to help us?