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5th June 2003

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#41 17 years ago

Originally posted by futura Dont be soft,,, You think theres rules in a proper war, At least you have a chance at killing a spawn camper. What if you was in bed asleep and some german came into your house and slit your throat. I dont have a Problem with any tactics, Its War and theres 'No Rules'

Do you think that if an enemy tank comes into my base and sits on my repair pad or in my hanger, he should be repaired? That's plain stupid. What did he do, force an enemy engineer to fix him?

Yes this is a wargame, but it is still a game, and the idea is to have fun. Some jerkoff, with his tank sitting in my hanger blasting everything at will - with unlimited life and ammo is just ridiculous. Not to mention "unrealistic." On maps with uncapable spawns, I will go as far as the outskirts of the base, but I will let the enemy spawn and fight. What's the point otherwise? I want a good fight, not a slaughter - even if it means I get killed.

I don't even mind when people attack the uncappable base, or target it for artillary - but sitting in the enemy hanger in a tank and blasting away is just cheap. Doesn't matter all that much to me, as I'll kill you anywhere you are!