Should Sniper Rifles have crosshairs? -1 reply

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14th April 2003

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#31 17 years ago

My kit is the Scout. I live and die by my rifle. My vote, were there to even be one, hahah, is a big NO on the "out of scope" crosshairs. That would make us overpowered and as stated before, similar to the Engi's rifle.

I love the fact that I have to hide from my enemie's and take them out from a distance. If in close, I use the pistol. Out of ammo? Whip out my knife and gut em like a fish.

The times I have the most fun are when I'm in situations which force me to fight at all three ranges. (Having the crosshairs without scoping, would eliminate the need to stay out of sight and there would be no need for the pistol) When I'm the lone defender of a base or the last remaining few while get swarmed by our opposition, at some point there will be enemies who have closed the distance. Quickly pull out the pistol, blast em and run and hide. Reload the rifle, scope an incoming enemy, fire and blow his head off. Twice more and now enemies have closed the distance again, brandish my pistol and give them both 3 slugs to the chest. Someone has snuck up on me and I'm out of ammo so I take out my knife and dispatch him. If I'm still alive, run like hell to th nearest med box/ammo crate and refill. Repeat process.

Now, a big part of that fun and challenge comes from having to use several different weapons, knowing which to use, how to use and under what circumstances all on a moments notice. Put crosshairs on the rifle and now it's just not as fun.

You could say, "Well, you DON'T have to use the file with the croshairs. You could still use the pistol if you wanted." That would be IDEAL but not how it would turn out. In reality, we (scouts) would almost all stop using the pistol.

And YES!!!! There are TOO MANY GODDAMNED SCOUTS. I hate logging on and seeing, literally, 10 scouts on a 20 member team. When that happens I play as a different class. IMO, there should only be 1 scout for every 6 people on a team. And they should mainly be played as a defensive class. Only offensive when providing suppressive fire for your assault teammates. Scouts should NOT be hiding out near an enemies base unless they plan on actually taking the flag. Killing enemies near their own base is stupid. As they will just respawn rigt there in about 10 seconds. It ups the Scout's score but is stupid for achieving victory.



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22nd December 2002

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#32 17 years ago

i hope ur joking hawk and ur not really dumb, ass is short for assault.


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3rd February 2003

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#33 17 years ago

Snipers shouldnt have crosshairs. If you for some reason encounter an enemy upclose (which you shouldn't) then switch to your pistol.:deal: