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4th November 2002

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#1 15 years ago

Aight, yes the sites are down :( They should be back up whenever Pro-Filer(All hail King Pro-Filer) gets home...::crosses fingers:: Any who, I wanted to post a news section, I'm getting ready for a flood here. I'm opening the flood gates, I'm going to re-open File-Status section, and (dare I say) if your file is not there, RESUBMIT it!!! This is so I can post all the ones that were "lost" during my time as admin. If you are Resubmitting a file, please add a '[RESUBMITT]' tag in the subjet of the email, along with the filename, so I know its a resubmit. I won't give them priority to new files, so we don't get backed up, but we will post them. Try to save us time by not resubmitting un-current files, or anything thats nolonger needed or relevant. I want to get ontop of all the files, and its been bugging me that I lost files, or didn't post them, you guys worked hard on them and deserve better!!! So I apologize, and hope I can make it better. :)