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5th May 2004

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#81 16 years ago

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9th May 2004

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#82 16 years ago

I find nothing wrong with sniping, its in the game for a reason and riflemen have always been the backbone of a direct assult.

Sniping takes a lot of skilland patience and only the careless or stupid are truly vunerable to the scope. (heres a hint, quit standing around with yer thumb up yer a**)

snipers have 15 shots before a reload, how much damage can one realy do to a base, (what? you gonna run down and grab a reload?)

sure baseraping sux, but it is also a legit tactic, just think, if the 8 n00bs standing around on the airstrip fighting over planes were actualy doing something for their team I might have not even nade it that far to be there sniping them. yea, go tell some vet that the enemy never sniped a uncapturable base, oh it sure never happened in nam, no sir...

When i snipe at a remoite location and when not SUPPOPRTING assualts at other flags, i hit stationary targets, or the snipers looking for me. when i run out of ammo i assualt with my pistol and nades (why shoud i care if i die now? its faster then going to reload)

sniper requires skill, daring, patience and a certain level of stupidity.

its an art form, and is certainly more fun then the spray-and-pray assult dances I see all the MG guys doing