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31st August 2002

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#41 17 years ago

Believe me, I wish it were possible, but then again it would make it very easy to kill someone.


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26th September 2002

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#42 17 years ago me...the plane is just a tool to get close really fast so i can go in on foot....

my weapon of choice is pretty much any of the tanks

but speaking of plane whores....ive got a bad habit of blowing their plane up when i see them waiting on a plane the whole game.....

if i spawn, and i go get a tank and theyre just standing around at the airfield....when i come back through with the tank and theyre still there i blow the plane me a bastard if you will but i feel justified in doing so


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16th September 2002

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#43 17 years ago

I sympathize with you, Vance, but you gotta be careful of who you're shooting at. If they've been waiting literally the WHOLE game and have done nothing useful for the team, well, hey, accidents happen in war. ;)

But, sometimes I'll wait by a plane because I feel I can do more for my team in the sky (since I've got a flight stick and am pretty good in a dogfight) than I can on the ground, depending on my class and the situation.

On the other hand, blowing up stationary planes, even your own ones (especially if the enemy is pressing you at that location) may be a good strategic move. By denying the enemy access to the planes, you make them have to fight it out on foot.

Planes do make a great fast transport, though. I've done the "lone paratrooper" thing once or twice, though I'll usually wait until I'm out of ammo. The thing about a plane is that, even if you don't always hit your target, you can still be effective at buttoning them up and making them take cover. Thus, you can provide air cover for an incoming armor or infantry assault.


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12th September 2002

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#44 17 years ago

I flew my plane right into some parachuter once, and it killed him :agreed: . Also, i managed to shoot the parachuter with the guns once or twice.

I fly with the mouse and keyboard, and although i admit a stick would be better for dogfighing manouevers, nothing gives a better accuracy than the mouse. Whenever i need to do something that requires a really tight turn, i just switch my mouse for the cursor keys.

LOL, that reminds me, i was flying a plane on bocage, and there was a guy following me on my tail. Also there were a tank and an assault standaing on the ground. I started making a full vertical loop, and when i was coming to the ground, i happened to be so close that i knocked that poor assault's head off :agreed: . And the plane that was following me smashed nose-first right into its teammate in the tank! :lol: . You are right, you don't necessaraly have to hit with the plane to cause damage or chaos :agreed:

One tactic that i use when playing is as follows: In a situation that you are in a tank, and group of 2 enemy tanks plus infantry support are taking over your airfield, you don't have much chance getting them. In this cases, i stay away from the flag, but i position myself so that i am not clearly visible yet i can hit the airfield. Mostly, once those guys get the flag, they run for the plane, leaving their tanks behind. I wait for them to actually start the engines, and then BOOM! - the airfield is clear, and i can safely take the flag back