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13th June 2003

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#11 14 years ago

>but for queeq you want to Sort it get on ts or msn and ill sort it there like i saID >IN my pm i dont want to bring it here..... Skins, there's nothing to sort. Nothing more to be said. I approached you in the PM because it was a matter for you to decide not for the whole forum to discuss. If you want to keep posting here, then back off on the "the mod is dead", "the forum is dead", "the mod team sucks" and "the rest of the players do all the licking" like comments. I've no reason or need to hide behind the keyboard and I have no reason to get on Teamspeak or MSN to discuss it. That's the way it is. The choice is yours. It seems like you've chosen to cool everything down and I am fine with that. You've been here a long time. The fact that you're good friends with Bong still carries weight too. It would be a shame to lose another one of the early WildWest players here, no matter who it is. It looks like you decided to stay. Good. :thumbsup:

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