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10th December 2002

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#1 15 years ago


Many of you are wondering what exactly happened to EOD. Well dispite the fact that Goetterfunke will do whatever it takes to disguise the truth, I am here to do just the opposite... by letting the truth be heard.


It all started about 1 week ago when myself and a few other EOD team members were privately discussing how bad morale was for the team and what is the cause of the low morale. It soon became apparent to us. The problem was Goetterfunke and his almost daily routine of BF Bashing. After talking to about 6 different EOD team members, we agreed that something needed to be done and someone needed to talk to him. It appeared that most of the EOD team was weary of letting Goetterfunke know exactly how they felt, but I was not.

So on that note, at the request of a few others, I approached Goetterfunke in a private chat to discuss the situation at hand. What happened next was totally a surprise to me. He starts to tell me that EOD is dead, and so is BF.. and that anymore work on EOD after 20% is a waste of time. So I told him that despite what his feelings were, there are loads of people that love the mod. I also basically told him that all this BF Bashing is bad for the teams morale, and that I was there to talk to him on behalf of some of the team members. I then said "If you are not happy with EOD or BF, thats cool, but then leave it to someone who will get the job done. Someone like Scipio". He then tells me that "Scipio does not have what it takes to run EOD, or any mod for that matter".

If any of you know Scipio, and how much of a great guy he is, this comment would have pissed you off as well. So I then told Goetterfunke that "Scipio is a great leader, he is always there when I need him for help. He is the best leader that EOD could possibly have right now". I then told Goetter that I had logs of this chat. He told me "Show the team the logs, but please do not show Scipio, he might get mad or take it the wrong way". Being that there was enough drama already on the team, I decided to not show the logs to the team. Trying to keep the peace. Boy was I wrong.


So then Goetterfunke changed the subject by asking me if I know C++. I told him yes. Then he gives me a URL to his Half Life 2 mod page. To my surprise, Goetterfunke had put me on his HL2 Mod Team page. I told him thanks but no thanks, I am dedicated to EOD. Then he seemed to become rather uneasy and started to tell me firmly that "BF Is dead man. Why do you want to waste your time on this mod. Real modders mod HL2". I still held my ground by telling him that I was not interested. What happened next was even more surprising. Goetterfunke PM's me and ask's me to join an IRC channel for an interview. So I joined. I then asked him if this interview was for EOD or his HL2 mod. He responded "HL2". So I then told him once again, that I was not interested in his HL2 mod, that I didnt even own the game, and that I was dedicated to EOD.

He apparently became even more upset. So he decided to PM me a URL to a .jpg render of a really cool gun. I thought the gun looked great so I asked him "Sweet, is this gun for EOD"? He responds arrogantly.."HAHAHAH No modeler in BF can model this good, of course its for HL2". So I respond in a joking fashion "Well if its not for BF, then what do I care lol".

Like 2 days later, I checked Goetterfunkes HL2 mod page, and he still had neglected to remove me from the HL2 Mod Team page. I had already heard from other team members that Goetterfunke was recruiting his own EOD members to work on his HL2 mod. I didnt belive it until he tried to recruit me, and became mad when I didnt want to join. I heard something similar happened with Goetterfunke and Scipio.... and I belive this is why goetterfunke said that Scipio was not a worthy leader.... not because Scipio isnt (because he is), but because Goetterfunke was pissed that Scipio also did not want to join his HL2 mod team.

So being that I was still listed as a member of Goetterfunkes HL2 Mod, I figured that since I was a n00b EOD Team member, that Goetter had probably already asked everyone else to join his other mod. So I decided to tell Goetter in the Team channel ... "Goetter, Please remove me from your HL2 mod team page, I am dedicated to EOD". To my surprise, over 1/2 the eod team had no idea about goetterfunkes other mod. "What HL2 mod?" they responded. I then showed them. And the team members that didnt have a clue became very pissed off at Goetterfunke.


During our first PM chat session, Goetterfunke had told me that he would leave EOD team with dignity after 20% was done. He said that he was obligated to finish 20%. But also said that EOD would stop after 20%. I told him "What if we dont want to stop?" He then replied, "You dont have a choice." So taking this as a threat, I then told him "You cannot make us stop working on EOD". He then tells me "It was my idea and that he can do whatever I want."

So I said "Look goetter, how can you get all these people totally hyped up about this mod, then totally down it and tell them they cant work on it. What can we do to continue work on the mod after you leave... what if we change the name?" That seemed to ring a bell because he was totally in compliance with changing the name. So thats what we started to do was look toward the future for EOD.

So myself and a few others on the team started just that. Looking toward the future of EOD. I completed 3 helicpoters and a map for 20%. Everyone was working their tails off to complete their portions of 20%. But, the final straw was yesterday, when Goetterfunke started his daily routine of BF Bashing. I had just talked to him about team morale a few days earlier but it seemed that he didnt care. So becoming a little more upset that I should have, I started asking Goetterfunke in a PM... when was he leaving, could we continue Planetbattlefield hosting, etc. He never responded.

We then ingaged in a heated discussion within the team channel. I became so upset, that I told him... "You know what Goetterfunke, Im going to post these logs so that the entire team can see what you think of them." Although he told me it was ok to post the logs, apparently he did not want the team to see the logs, or anyone for that matter. So he kicked me from the channel, and told me privately... "Dont show those logs". So I responded... "So kicking me from my own team channel is going to make me not want to show the logs?" He said "I only kicked you for 20 mins, relax and chill." Being kicked from chat for something he told me I could do (showing the logs that is) is very upsetting.

So I then told Goetter..."Ok im just going to post the logs on bf42 and some other sites! The truth will be heard!" What he said next totally surprised me, and its the reason I referred to Goetterfunke as Hitler. This is the only part of the logs I will post exactly as is, just so you can see where I am coming from.

[EsP]187 so im gonna post this log along with others [EsP]187 goodbye [Goetterfunke] you cant anywhere [EsP]187 what [Goetterfunke] already taken care of ;) [EsP]187 thats what u think [EsP]187 lol [Goetterfunke] you underestimate my influence [EsP]187 see what i mean [EsP]187 hitler [EsP]187 exactly [Goetterfunke] all BF site leaders are my friends [EsP]187 and ill post this along with it [EsP]187 VISE VERSA [EsP]187 LOL [Goetterfunke] rgr [EsP]187 lol goodbye [EsP]187 dont msg me again [Goetterfunke] yes viva versa

Goetterfunke, its not really hard to get someone banned from a site when the admins are 13 years old ( And yes he did get me banned from for saying exactly what im saying here. I even spoke with Flanders from who was the person who banned me. He said that he was forced to ban be... he didnt want to.. but he only did what he was told.

Belive it or not, I even was man enough to apologize for calling him hitler. He didnt... even tho he and his friends (Girn and Quant) referrred to me as a ghetto ******. I hope this helps all of you to understand the real reason... not Goetterfunkes watered down version... for EOD's downfall. Although I am still listed as an EOD member on EOD's team page, I am no longer with the team. Goetterfunke tried to blame every team member he could as the reason for EODS lack of success. The only person he needs to point the finger at is himself. Especially after the way he abandoned his own team and mod. I want to wish the remaining EOD team members the best of luck. Especially Scipio. Take care boys :)

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24th December 2001

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#2 15 years ago

Intreguing read...


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15th May 2003

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#3 15 years ago

DAMN. Thats crazy. What a mess. I don't think BF is near death.

HL2 this HL2 that. This hype is starting to get to me. Can you jump into any vehicle you want and fly any plane you want in HL2?

Bf1942 had a shit load of hype before it came out. Now people are saying its dead, this sucks that sucks.

Give HL2 a year or two and see what peeps are saying. How the smacktards ruin the game, exploits, hacks, cheats, and how thier exp. packs suck. People get so complacent(sp) with vid games that they forget the core meaning of the game, and are so eager to move to a new game.

A first person shooter game is a first person shooter game no matter the engine, how good the guns look, or how the game play is. It's still a first person shooter game.

With bf42 and mods, you can be a first person shooter, tank driver, gunner in a bomber or plane, you can be a pilot, or a captian. You can also be certain types of solders. You have multible types of games in one game. How can that be so sucky.

Every game has it's holes, down sides.

I'll be glad when HL2 comes out so all the dorks, noobs, smacktards and spoiled brats can leave this scene. Mybe it will be less polluted with all these peeps gone and the real fun can begin.


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12th July 2003

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#4 15 years ago

Well this really does blow man. EoD is one of the finest mods I've ever played. I see alot of people sayin' BF is dead. How can a game that has at least 9-10,000 players at any given moment be considered dead? Oh well.


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3rd February 2003

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#5 15 years ago

Talking about making mods for a game that isn't even out... That's gotta be one of the stupidest things I've ever heard...


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20th June 2003

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#6 15 years ago

i think ur a hero [EsP]187. i'll back u all the way man.


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4th August 2003

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#7 15 years ago
merlin122i think ur a hero [EsP]187. i'll back u all the way man.

wow, i believed the watered down sh*t until i read 'The Truth about EoD'. I will be rooting for the EoD team (and [EsP]187) until the end after reading this. Also, BF1942 WILL NEVER DIE!!!


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13th October 2002

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#8 15 years ago

I love EOD, haven't played it much anymore because of lack of udates though. Also all this talk about HL2, HL2 is gonna be a great game but people don't understand that in HL2 you can't hop in and out of vechiles with machine guns and run around in a huge enviroment with water and other stuff. I guess we can blaim EA for this sort of problem, BF1942 is hard to modify because of the lack of the SDK. HL2 will have an SDK and ready for people to use by its release.


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30th June 2003

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#9 15 years ago

So if he hates Bf so much to quit EoD and start making a HL2 mod then why is he still working on DC?


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21st June 2003

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#10 15 years ago
TherabidrabbitSo if he hates Bf so much to quit EoD and start making a HL2 mod then why is he still working on DC?

This doesnt make sense to me either, if he thinks BF is dead then why did he recently join the DC team? If what your saying is true then Goeterfunk can go rot in hell!