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2nd January 2003

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Contest Starts: May 2 Contest closes: June 9

Eligibility: This contest is open to anyone and anywhere. Reguardless of age or modeling experience.

What is the task?: The task is to model any GTA-like object other than the ones stated below: 1)Baseball bat 2)Lead pipe 3)Uzi 4)Mac 10 5)A Shotgun 6)Beretta 9mm 7)A street bike 8)A scooter/moped 9)An atv 10)A dirt bike 11)Explosive devices 12)Jeep Wrangler 13)Camaro *Cars as well as skinned models will be given extra merit due to the higher difficulty rating*

Prizes: Your model will be included in game with all the coding we can do for it (ie. maybe we will be able to get hydraulics into your lowrider truck). You also gain a position in the mod as a modeler and get to input your opinions directly to the other staff. Finally you and 2 other people of your choice are able to participate in all internal tests that the public will never see.

Why are we doing this contest?: We want to give people the chance to exercise their opinions. What better way than giving them a chance to imput their models into the game?

Rules: All models must be the applicant's work. Thus you must include pics of the various stages of rendering and skinning.

Judging: As said above extra merit will be given to cars as well as skinned models. However this does not mean an unskinned knife may not win. The judging of the models will be held on June 11. There the UGW team will pick the top five models. Then the top five will be posted on Bf1942files, Bf42, and Battlefield Central. The public will get to pic the top model as the polls will close on June 13. The votes will be counted from each site then compiled where the winner will be posted on our site on June 14. We will then get in contact with the winner. If the winner does not respond within a week of the first email, then the second place person will be declared the winner and so on.