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11th July 2003

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#51 17 years ago

Well I've always known about the flicker issue. Kinda like those ol' hand crank movie players like they had at Straw Hat Pizza years ago. LOL Think about how the ol' silent movies played, that was before "motion blur" right?

I guess I was wrong about the 30fps thingy. :confused: So it seems were many many others. :D


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10th November 2003

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#52 17 years ago

I always wondered what the best refresh rate was for my card & monitor. I've been given 2 different answers by people that are supposed to know & do a lot of over clocking. One person said keep it at 60 the other said to push it up to 85. I'm have a Geforce4 ti 4600 128MB card. Anyone have an opinion?


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1st October 2003

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#53 17 years ago

I would think the refresh rate would be in the readme for the monitor. I have a Viewsonic VP171B and I am running it at 60 HZ. If you go to high, you can blow it out. OH and another question, do you have an CRT or a LCD? This also makes a big differnce.