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For those that already know this, bear with me. There are 6 main console command groups accessible while playing ,with the `(beside 1 )key. While playing, type` then ONE of game. console. renderer. chat. admin. or profiler.Then hit tab twice, all commands of that group will display,then retype the one you want. For example, type `console. hit tab twice to view all available commands in that group.Add (space)1 to start the command(space)0 to stop the command. This group of commands(`console.) displays useful information about your cpu usage, net connection, vid card , etc. E.g `console.showStats 1 fills your screen with useful real time information (vid card, frames per sec, etc). F8 off radio toolbar, look at sky to better see the data. Hit print screen, a screenshots folder is created on your harddrive, in bf folder for laterviewing.(download the freeware to view the pics at To remove the data from your screen to fight unobscured, hit page up to redisplay your previous command, backspace out the 1, replace it with 0 to rerturn to clean screen fighting. Type` renderer. hit tab twice to view those. These require a(space) value at the end. E.G. `renderer.mipmapsbias-8 increases graphics detail to maximum, -5 is default,14 is least detail. I didn't see wire in ships cable till I tried that one, even though options, video was at max. Its nice for killing tanks with bow cannon. Remember where your defualts were if you want to go back.Max shadows in Philipines, you see enemies shadow approaching the hut you're hiding in. `, tab twice to see how to start all the votes. I'm an average player, and need all the help I can get, I've found some of these commands useful. Probably the more experienced , skilled players know of other commands. Please don't bayonet my corpse-I hate that, (: have fun