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#1 14 years ago

I just found out a few new ones, like renderer.console ###, and thats a GREAT command, so I figured there were a fair few more that I hadnt heard about.

Also, what are the Admin console comands, like kick, autobalance, spectator, etc?

Can these commands be used in LAN games?


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21st November 2003

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#2 14 years ago

The console commands are posted in quite a few forum boards, linked off the

EA games official BF 1942 home page, etc, But the quickest way to get them is look on your harddrive, same directory as your bf , a folder called eReg, readme I think, or one of those. You will see that there are six groups of console commands, ( `console. `chat. `admin. etc etc)

Instead of remembering them all, in game type the category, and hit tab twice to view all commands in that category. for example, to see all the chat. commands (which are different in 1.6 than 1.5) type this in game: `chat. then hit tab twice

leave (space) type 1 to start a command, change 1 to 0 to stop it.

Works for all 6 categories... eg `game. (tab tab to see them all) retype the one you want, add (space) 1 enter Edit: yes to lan games question.