whats your favorite class in BF1942? -1 reply

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Wild west mod of RTCW

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23rd April 2003

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#31 17 years ago


heavy mg Deadeye:nodding:


Duke O'Prunes

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18th March 2004

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#32 17 years ago

In Vanilla BF: Usually sniper, but also assault and Anti-tank when its necessary, I'm never engineer, for one I'm no good with the explosives and two, I hate the mines, especially on Market Garden

In Eod:I'm usually Assault on this one, but sometimes I do the sniper rifle

In FH: Basically always assault, but also anti tank quite a bit

In DC: Assault or Spec ops, do pick engineer sometimes as well cause of the shotgun

In BFV:Assault or sniper, picking heavy assault with the M60 is just cowardly I think, but I'm usually Viet Cong or Nva anyways.

Just wanna say that FH's the best.


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3rd May 2004

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#33 17 years ago

I find myself switching classes all the time. Sometimes you need an antitank guy where there is none around.

Versatility keeps you sharp.

I prefer scout, didn't like engineer at first but have come to appreciate it. Really hated antitank, but have come to be fairly good at judging distances and making first time hits. Takes practice.

If I always stuck with one class I guess I'm afraid would only be good at one class.