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1st August 2003

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#31 16 years ago
alt f4Um...palehorse...I never said the the US's government is capitalist. In fact, capitalism isnt a form of government. It's an economical system. And the government of Malaysia doesnt turn their back on slave labor because it will make the money, in fact in wont make them money because in fact, a GOVERNMENT IS NOT A CORPORATION. Sure, it'll get money for the country, but it will not directly go to the "government of Malasyia." Your twenty for chrissake, I would think you would have a basic knowledge of government and economical systems. And beleive me I wasnt putting down capitalism, I was just pointing out if RtR was free, EA, which is based out of the US, and the US's economical system is, you guessed it, a capitalism, then EA would make no money. I think it's time to move out of your moms basement and stop playing BF palehorse.

while making reference to the united states you pointed out that the type of economy in place is capitalism. Very true, that in theory hasn't anything to do with the form of government in power - the u.s. is a democratic government, which i'm sure you will realize, nearly always supports a capitalistic economy. So in this case, i'm going to use either reference to support the same meaning. That having been said - the world (governments) make money off of something we like to call "taxation". By that, what i said before about the government of malaysia, was simply that they nearly skyrocket their taxation upon companies employing "slave / cheap" labor, which even so, has nearly no affect on these companies whatsoever. Reason being, they increase their profit margin by such a large amount, employing such forms of labor, that the increase in taxation doesn't affect them in any significant way. In addition to that the malaysian government is also reaping the benifits of increased funds through their additional intake from these companies.

You haven't the slightest clue as to where i live, and with whom in which i live, so keep those opinions to yourself. I obviously can't be playing video games all the time if i have to deal with the idiots on this website in my spare time, now can i ? :bows:



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17th December 2002

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#32 16 years ago

lol everyone is goin crazy over a Ā£20 expansion, simple as if you dont want it dont buy it :)

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12th April 2004

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#33 16 years ago
Ranger InsaneRoad to Rome wasn't simply new maps with "A couple new weapons" Battle of Britain included 2 new weapons/vehicles. Now i'm not sure, but IIRC RtR included15-20 new weapons/vehicles. The maps had all new textures and models too. Ya see, occasionelly the big game companies release bonus maps just to try and keep the community happy. But in the end they need to make some $$$ off it. So they release 1 or 2 expansions to keep interest in the original game. Now, just think my friend..... Releasing all the new RtR stuff free over the internet = $0 for EA Selling it in a box in retail stores = ~$20 American each copy. Now, EA is a business. These guys want to make lotsa money....which option do you think they prefered? Oh and to who ever said "RtR is just new skins/models/sounds, it doesn't change the gameplay at all etc..." Whats an expansion supposed to be? Now in most cases an expansion Expands on the original game. This normally doesn't mean any huge change in gameplay, but new eye candy/maps/vehicles etc. Really, dun you people think before posting? :uhoh:

Quick poll, guys! Is Ranger Insane an EA "Fanboy" or an employee, "checking community input"......?