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4th November 2002

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#1 18 years ago

I think it will be fun to create a working definition of smacktard!!!!

Format: It can be a definition, or and addition to the already stated definition

It can be an example, the example does not have to be BattleField specific

It can be a usage, either proper or improper

Lets give it a shot!!!

SmackTard (Smak - Tard): def: someone who, with or with out prior knowledge, performs an act breaking a moral code, or gaming ethic. The obvious disregard for other players results in the use of this term, along with other explictives, and may result in a TK(see TeamKill)

Usage:(proper) Hey I was fixing that you SmackTard!!!!! Usage:(improper) Your mother is a smacktard!

Example: Running over your teammate with a jeep "to see if you can run over people"

Add on to it, if it turns out good, we could send it to


Space Cowboy

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3rd February 2003

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#2 18 years ago

Another Example:

Firing a weapon at another team mate to see if friendly fire is operational.

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2nd February 2003

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#3 18 years ago

does not respond to requesting a pickup, refuses to repair or heal others and plane camps



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5th September 2002

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#4 18 years ago

crashes in to your tank with his jeep and dies,noticing that it sais that you killed him ,then comes back and tk`s you for shit this happened to


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6th March 2003

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#5 18 years ago

shoots your plane cause you got the plane first :mad:


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29th March 2003

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#6 18 years ago

Brags about how good he is more than actually playing. Doesn't understand the concept of TEAMWORK (or the TEAM CHAT) Thinks he's playing Grand Theft Auto (Shoot anything that moves, steal anything that isn't)


Just here.

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17th March 2003

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#7 18 years ago

Spams any and all commands at least ten or more times.

Was on a EA server last night(no FF:thumbsup: , but no one to admin it seems. :thumbsdown: ) and this jacka** spammed an "Enemy ship spotted!" at least twenty times on the El Alamein map.

As with driving, you should have to pass a rigorous test to be allowed to play online games. Might help weed out some of the "Smacktards".

[CC] Chief

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18th July 2002

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#8 18 years ago

How about these ones:

- Jumps out of the artillerypiece he was manning, jumps into a flakcannon for several minutes and as you get into the piece to help your team stands in front of you demanding you give him back his truck.

- People who want to jump into a tank but are beaten to it by you and as revenge fire a rocket in the back of your armor.

- People who try to get a bomber but see that you are in the pilotseat and they are rear gunner, jump out and then start to damage your plane with an assaultrifle.

- People who hop in the drivers-seat of your artillerytruck just as you are wasting entire groups of enemies with good precision and drive it down a hill straight in front of an approaching enemy tank and of course manage not to get killed themselves (This happens to me every once ina while on Battleaxe).

- People who have no idea how to control ships or make ships get jammed onto the beach on purpose.

- People who have no skill in aiming and continuously blow up friendly forces with ship's guns or defguns.

- People who don't say sorry after an accidental teamkill even if they do it several times during a game.


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2nd December 2002

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#9 18 years ago

N00bs that dont know how to fly, but get in planes anyway. Taking away from the real pilots (the ones with joysticks ,dogfighting skills, and save yo 455 by bombing specific target you request.) on maps like operation husky where you really need it.

N00bs that play SNIPER and do not call for arty, and arty that doesnt respond to requests.


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30th November 2002

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#10 18 years ago

that last post sounded like a smacktard what are saying that if u dont gotta joy stick that u cant fly a plane i dont have a joystick and i can probly fly circles around u

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