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21st March 2003

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#41 18 years ago

you can read what the words are on bombs which is if you can read this your in trouble

a genus has the idea of bombing planes while there in the air

an idot closes the door on the back of the ac130 and u have to bail out(ive done this before and its not very pleansant)

your tail gunner shoots off your rudder

you forget your parachute and u have to bail out

your plane crashes under the water and it hasent blown up yet and you see the fisheys

your prop or props on your plane gets shot off

a popup pops up

your push the windows key by accident

the arifield is mined up

the call of nature calls buring battle

you like to look down gun barrells

you dress like a war protester and hold up a protest in the middle of battle:fistpunch: :naughty: :spank:

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18th July 2002

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#42 18 years ago

You see a SCUD coming at you and only have enough time just to read the words "former property of the USSR", that are written on it, before it impacts.


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1st January 2003

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#43 18 years ago