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1st February 2003

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#1 18 years ago

Hi all. I am a newb to graphics cards and stuff like that. I LOVE BF1942 and its almost like an addiction. As most gamers usually are, I am looking for a way in which to improove my gaming experience. Im already on Broadband (thank god) but have decided to increase my system spec for better performance while playing BF1942. My current system is Atahlon 900Mhz 384MB SDRAM NVidia GeForce 2 Mx 32MB Sound Blaster 128 My question to all ye brainy forlk is this- what is my best option of increasing my fps? Currently it sits at an average of 30. This is okish, but i want MORE! The max my system can handle is 512MB RAM. Would my fps increase if I upgraded to 512 RAM or is that insignificant. If I got say... a 64mb Gforce card without adding more RAM, what knid of fps could I expect? Similarly..what about a Gforce 128MB? In short, what should I do? Buy more RAM or another graphics card? Your views and opinions are much appreciated! Oh and feel free to post your own specs and you average fps, just for reference to others.


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15th December 2002

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#2 18 years ago

i would say upgrade your vid. card.BUT i heard that you need at least a 1.0 comp.(vs your 900) to see any diff.try turning down sound specs in game. i heard the sound is a real cpu hog.on the ram issue don't think it will improve your fps. 512 will lower your load times to get into games. i have a 1.1,256 ram(takes 2.5 min to load maps;( ) same vid card as you,on board sound fps,not sure .don't is a little jerky at times.was thinking of upgrading vid card,puting in sound card and more ram.but am going to upgrade the whole dam thing!hope this helps and my info was correct.:uhm:


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20th June 2002

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#3 18 years ago

I say video card first, the game can play fine on 256MB and up (except map loads can be long), then move to your RAM when you can. I had 256MB in my Duron 900 for a month playing BF1942 before getting 512MB which improved drastically. But now my 1 GB ram in my Athlon XP1800 really makes a difference! :)


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20th May 2002

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#4 18 years ago

Hi all,

Whether you upgrade your vid card, mem or CPU depends on what you have at the moment. From the description it sounds like you will get better performance improvement by upgrading your vid card, but you won't get performance equal to a player with a fast vid card AND fast CPU.

Vid cards can get CPU bound - that is they can only improve frames to the limit that the CPU can handle - once that limit is reached increasing the power of the vid card will not improve game performance. So you will probably get close to the same FPS out of a radeon 9700 as you will out of a GF4 MX440, so buy to your computer specs, unless your upgrading soon, otherwise you may be wasting money on a superdooper vid card that the CPU can't run properly.

Increasing your mem will give you a marginal improvement in performance, a large improvement in game loading time. But it's cheap at the moment, so why not?

Have fun

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