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13th August 2003

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#1 15 years ago

ok here is a list of the ships i want

01. federation shuttle craft from SFC3 02. Uprated Type18H Shuttle 03. dawnabee rudabout (ds9) shuttles 04. Federation Shuttle Variant 05. Type 7 Personnel Shuttlecraft 06. Aerowing 07. Argo (Standard Shuttlecraft) 08. Type 8 Personnel Shuttlecraft 09. Type 10 Shuttlecraft 10. USS Relativity (this 1 is cool)

if you wanna see pictures of some of these shuttles go to http://www.neutralzone.de/database/Federation/Shuttle/

and if you wanna see the USS Relativity http://www.jenniferlien.net/relativity/

it might be french but thats what the ship looks like

oh and dont ask why i like shuttles so much...ill tell you now...they are so much cooler then the bigger warships! Dont ask me i have always like this with the disadvantage