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14th August 2006

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#1 12 years ago

What do you think is the best class? Not neciserally in pcp or anything like that, just in your opinion. I chose Warlock. Very fun class to play. Not to mention its pvp performance and surviveability.

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20th August 2003

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#2 12 years ago

I just stared playing this game on Tuesday....A friend (Possibly an evil person if I get too addicted) had me use his trail key and told me I should prolly go for Warlock.

I really like it and the only class that gives me probs in PvP is Paladin currently.

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#3 12 years ago

paladins give a warlock trouble? just fear dot them. Don't use corruption, they'll cleanse it off, use curses. They can't get rid of them and if they're stupid enough to shield it off, fear and redot, then start bolting them.

Most paladins in pvp are retribution spec, which means to you that they need to get up close to do damage. Treat them like warriors.

Yes, I play a 70 paladin, I know how it works. I'm also holy spec, I can't tell you how to beat this spec though. Principle and all. ;)

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7th December 2003

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#4 12 years ago

Anyone remember the good old times when windfury still "didn't work as planned"? Back then you could kill any class, even if 5 levels higher than yours, with a Shaman.

Nowadays the Hunters are more dangerous because of the amounts of damage they can deal out now in combination to their different kiting-abilities. In larger PvP-battles (Alterac) they seem to be a good choice.

I still stick with my Shaman though because of versatility.


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16th April 2004

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#5 12 years ago

Meh, I wub my Mage. I don't have any troubles killing any class really... Hunters and Warlocks can be trouble, especially if they get the jump, and a Rogue/Warrior can be devistating if you get unlucky resists or crits, but otherwise, Mage FTW!

And about time you got the game Aeg; welcome to the dark side :evilgrin:


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#6 12 years ago

for me druid,.i also have a druid character and besides im planning to purchase a gold from to have a flying


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1st January 2007

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#7 12 years ago

I play a hunter and shaman, and find both extremely fun to play in end game pve or pvp. The hunters ability to take nearly any class down (if you know how to play it) from a distance with minimum damage taken, and the shaman for the lovely burst dps that is so fun to watch (enhancement of course). But as for my opinion in the best class, it would have to be a druid. When one has top of the range gear and know how to handle their class, they are unstoppable in my opinion in pvp (when feral) and are a very handy healer/tank for pve.

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10th August 2004

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#8 12 years ago

Warrior, best class ever. It's pretty much fact.


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20th March 2005

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#9 12 years ago

I have a lvl 64 Rogue awsome class, but then i started laying shammie now thats a class, jack of all trades but master of none. I started a BE pala too, they rock. Anyway i chose Shaman.

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19th November 2004

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#10 12 years ago

The "best class" depends on how you see it... If you're going for gameplay, you should either pick a warlock or a hunter. They always have a companion and especially in the beginning they are easy to play. These are good solo players. If you're going for simplicity, play a warrior. They are not very hard to play. If you're going for PvP, go for the rogue. Their surprise attacks are their greatest strength. You can barely do anything against them once they lead the battle, but they have a hard time coming close enough. If you're going for dungeons, take a priest. They are most wanted, and especially with the Burning Crusade they have magnificent healing possibilities sometimes. Every class has its advantages and disadvantages versus other classes. If I hear someone say hunters are overpowered, I generally think this player is a spellcaster. If I hear someone say rogues are overpowered, I think this is a hunter. If I hear someone say warlocks are overpowered, this is probably a warrior or paladin. If I hear someone say warriors are overpowered, I know this must be a rogue, and so on...