Destroyer Armor and Destroyer Battlegear? -1 reply

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10th August 2004

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#1 11 years ago

So I'm an undergeared level 70 arms warrior who had his eyes set on the Destroyer Battlegear. My new guild wants me to respec to protection which would call for the Destroyer Armor. I'm willing to respec but my heart is with the arms tree so my question is, can I only purchase one set with the Tokens of the Vanquished Defender or can I buy both sets? Because at some point I would like to respec back to arms.



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16th April 2004

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#2 11 years ago


And be a man, unlike any other Warriors in the world, and spec Protection like you're supposed to :)

But you can quite easily PvP/Arena for gear as good (and in many cases better) than the T5 set for Arms (I assume you want Arms for PvP 'coz it's useless in PvE ;)).