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I didn't make it!

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#1 11 years ago

Hey everyone thought I should let some people know about this, its pretty cool, I got this email from blizzard today and its tight!

Greetings dear player!

We are now offering a free sign up for the World of Warcraft Arena Tournament. Simply by logging onto the tournament sign up website, you will register your account to participate in the highly anticipated Arena Tournament! Please be aware, attempting to sign-up fake or fraudulent accounts may result in your account closure.

To sign up, press the following link.

Arena Tournament

We invite the most dedicated and skilled Arena combatants around the world to enter the new World of Warcraft Global Arena Tournament! Your glorious victories in the Tournament will not only grant renown and recognition for your prowess, but will also grant your team a chance to earn cash prizes as well.

Within a structured format comprised of one online qualifier, players will battle on special Tournament realms purely dedicated to the competitive format of 3v3 Arena matches. The characters used in these realms are new level 80s that you create, bristling with PvP armor and weapons. The top teams from the online qualifier will battle in an invitational ladder for a chance to participate in the regional finals, culminating in the live global finals featuring a total cash prize pool of over $200,000!

Any questions? Check out the FAQ!

Remember, signing up now guarantees you a spot in the tournament, but waiting any longer may cause you to miss out!

Don't be sorry you missed this opportunity!

I signed up and am gearing my character out now, hope to see more people on!

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#2 11 years ago

You sure that came from blizzard?