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#1 17 years ago

soo how is the game?



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18th June 2002

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#2 17 years ago

Which 1 wcI, wcII, or wc III...:rock:


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25th June 2002

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#3 17 years ago

im sure hes talkin about WoW, it looks great...but its like everquest where u gotta pay...mabye its worth it but i dont do anything past buying it off the shelf.


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31st August 2003

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#4 16 years ago

I have found a fine way to duplicate your cd-key! It works on frozen throne and reign of chaos

It is a quite simple way to make your valid cd-key to create another one completely free to give to your friends or trade it for another one. First I would like to tell that I don´t have any interest in getting anything for telling you this method, I just would like to make Bnet a bit more popular and have more players there for the customs (I love Hero Arenas ) The method is just a four step hint that will work ONLY in valid cdkeys for Bnet, and I have tested in frozen throne, and it works on RoC...

2nd step: Change all the numbers and letters in the fist box for a higher one. Example: AXB7JK-LDH3-BF2YK4-9578-37WSY8 will become BYC8KL-LDH3-BF2YK4-9578-37WSY8 3rd step: Change all the numbers (if any) in the second box for a lower one, if not, leave it alone, example: BYC8KL-LDH3-BF2YK4-9578-37WSY8 will become BYC8KL-LDH2-BF2YK4-9578-37WSY8 4th step: leave the third and fourth box alone and in the last box (the fifth) change only THE LAST number or letter for a higher one, example: BYC8KL-LDH2-BF2YK4-9578-37WSY8 will become BYC8KL-LDH2-BF2YK4-9578-37WSY9

And thats it! A simple maths cryptation problem allows a CD-Key to be duplicated! just don´t forget that it will only work on a valid cdkey, and not on a generated one. If you do just as I said, your cdkey will be changed like AXB7JK-LDH3-BF2YK4-9578-37WSY8 changed to BYC8KL-LDH2-BF2YK4-9578-37WSY9 I have tested with 3 keys (mine and two friend´s) and it worked for all of them, but only one time for each key, so we have now 6 cdkeys, and gave them to our friends to play together in Bnet... If you try this and just as I explained, and still it doesn´t work, email me with the modified CD-KEY that you made (DON´T EMAIL ME THE ORIGINAL CDKEY THAT YOU USED TO MAKE THE SECOND ONE, SO YOU RUN NO RISK AT ALL) and i will try some maths combinations and email it back to you with a working cdkey. my email is [email][/email] Our [email][/email] And have fun with your friends in Bnet!