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#41 13 years ago
Elem3nt;3370010BUT if you do not have friends that also play then do not bother picking this game up because you completley miss out on what makes this game good. It's a very engrossing thing this world of warcraft, be carefull for its power may overcome you muahahaha.

Interesting you say this. I agree with what Elem3nt said, as far as if your friends don't play, don't bother picking up WoW, but not necessarily for the same reasons. Yes, playing WoW with your friends makes WoW much more fun than if your friends don't play. Yes, you will make new "friends" with people you "meet" playing WoW. Yes, WoW is incredibly engrossing if you play regularly, and depending how much of a gamer you are, you'll probably find it incredibly engrossing, especially at first. I used to play CSS with four guys on a regular basis. We ended up starting a clan and got our own server, had tons of fun, then for whatever reason, they all switched to WoW after a couple of months. I hated the idea of pay-to-play, especially considering I was a huge Medievia addict a few years ago. A few months after playing CSS alone, or at least with new people, while my "friends" who I'd never actually met irl were playing WoW, I was deployed to Iraq. After I got back, I picked up WoW. Like Elem3nt said, it's really addicting, and now I more or less don't hang out with the friends I had in real life... like people I know and work with. I've almost completely stopped doing my past hobbies like paintballing and going out, and I've lost touch with a few other people on top of it. Sure, when I take a break and leave town for the weekend or whatever, I don't miss WoW, but when I get back, I go back to it. WoW really is addicting, because its realistic in that the more time you devote to it, the more "dedication" you have, the better you get, and the better gear you'll have. At level 60 (at least for now, while 60 is the level cap), you're almost useless in WoW unless you devote the time to raiding and upgrading gear through endgame. I play on Shadowmoon, and people who don't play regularly are looked at as losers, because they're "casuals"... meaning they actually have a life IRL and participate in it, like a normal human being. Yeah, I play WoW everyday, so I'm not called a casual, but I completely understand how these casual players feel. Sometimes I wonder if I'm wasting my life away playing WoW, and in a way, I really am. At work, when I don't really involve myself with the friends I used to hang out with on a regular basis, it honestly feels pretty bad. The thing is, there's always something going on in WoW, there is ALWAYS something to do (or something that "needs" to be done), and it can literally take your life over if you let it. The questions I would ask myself if I were you, before picking up WoW, are: 1. Do I have friends IRL? (It's an honest question - not everyone does) --If not, go ahead and pick up WoW; you'll become involved more than you can imagine. If you do, maybe you want to pick it up anyway... 2. Do my friends IRL play WoW? 3. Do I want to put this much time and energy into a video game? Time that would otherwise go to furthering my LIFE... 4. Do I have the self-control to not completely give up the things I do right now, and end up playing WoW whenever possible? I guess you should ask yourself those questions. They'll probably help you decide for yourself.



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14th August 2006

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#42 13 years ago

omg i love wow i play it almost 9-10 hours a day i eat at my computer god i love it im a lvl 44 twinked out warlock names joedogg ever get a chance to play on the realm bonechewer look me up:)


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#43 13 years ago

No Wow Sucks If It Was So Great Why Do You Have To Pay $15 Every Two Months!!!!

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#44 13 years ago

To keep the servers maintained and adding new content!!