Report on private server AlphaWoW - Good bad and the ugly -1 reply

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#1 10 years ago

Let me warn you, private server AlphaWoW has a big problem with the GMs’, server up time, bugged quests’, they love censorship, banning people while they are at work, on vacation or offline. Banning players from the forum, or deleting posts on anyone that says anything the GMs’ disagree with on or about this topic as well as other topics. There is one particular GM that is the main person committing the majority of these actions that is know about at this point for sure, his name is Rourke, he will ban anyone for his own humor. The main GMs’ do not ask for screenshots or video of bans. If Rourke or any other GM chooses to ban you "no matter if your online or not" than are not asked for any proof of any kind at any time, and will refuse to provide such information. There are confirmed reports of GM’s asking for photo id from people “personal information” players being banned for, talking too much in world chat, asking too many questions to the GMs', posting too much in the forum, posting too many times on a tread, GMs’ changing peoples password so they can not post in forums, editing “changing” the wording of or removing portions peoples posts in the forum. GMs’ not likening players’ names so they login with their own accounts and spawn camp until the player he or she leaves the game. Players being friends with GMs’ and asking GMs' to ban people because they win in Arenas too much or they dislike the player for some unknown reason, massive server crashes for hours, days, weeks and months for reasons that are unclear to the GM’s/admins’ or players, the above are just a few of the “confirmed” reports. Most of these reports get deleted by the acting GM's before others can read the post in the forums, going so far as to ban players from forum access. No admin checks ban totals or reasons for bans at any point. If you do get “deleted” of banned for any reason that is inaccurate or false, do not bother trying to reach any admin for an appeal of any kind. From what has been seen you will received the reported treatment. It is clear that Rourke is not acting alone, and it seems to be a trend on the server by the admins’ to ignore players, ban players all too often for speed hacking as well as not following their own server rules at will, depending upon if your a good friend of theirs. One thing that is clear, there is a serious break down of management on this private server. It seems to be run off faith based service techs and general managers that respect only the players that are slave based to them. If you do play on this server your player can be banned at any point for no reason or proof at all and you have no course of action to retrieve it, making all your work for nothing. The sever does play well when it is up and running, but there is a huge amount of bugged quests and not all of the bosses are scripted, some of the bosses that are scripted have issues. Huge lag spikes, but friendly players on both side over all. But players must beware for this is a good example of why I would advise all players to just pay to play the game online. You “for the most part” do not have to deal with any of the above issues. It is rare to find bugs’, or glitches in the game, and if you do it is not hard to find and admin for questions or for tech support. If you play on server such as AlpaWoW, you run the risk of being abused and accused. I’m the Server Reporter And that’s the true report :deal: