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#1 13 years ago

Howdy folks, Now, since the main focus of the game centre's around it's PvE and PvP content, and since it takes so much time and effort to gain gear and whatnot, I've seen many friends and great players leave the game after becoming burnt out and loss of interest. Something that began with an old guild were Guild Games, or simply GG's.

Each week we would host different events that would have some kind of reward from the guild bank, whether it be a sum of gold, an item, or if neither they would most likely be award DKP. An example..

Person A creates a level 1 toon and has to be escorted by two high levels from point A to B (normally across continents or a short, difficult trek through active zones. (We're on a PvP server, so it isn't as easy as it sounds.) If it was completed successfully, then they would gain their prize.

Another game we'd play is assassination, where a player (or group of players) would be given the task of eliminating a high level NPC from the opposite faction, and then have to provide screenshot proof to gain a reward. To mix things up a bit we sometimes picked a nublet off the forums and hunted him down for kicks, although, that didn't happen often due to the difficulty sometimes faced in locating them.

So does anyone else play similar games? Or anyone got suggestions? - Just a note, I currently don't play the game, but just thinking of going back in casually..