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So I was playing in Arathi Basin, and it happens that after a time, the Horde(us) ends up with 3 of the flags capped. Blacksmith, Farm, and Mine. The standard strategy is called out over the battleground chat line of hold these three and we can win the BG. The standard thing happens, people single file go to give free HKs in the meat grinder at the lumber mill, and of course some people rush to go cap the stables.

Randomly I was the team leader, and I call for the people attacking the stables to come help defend. Maybe its because my chat was a different color, but these jerks become IRATE that I'd dare question their point at the nearest flag and charge strategy.

Fortunately or unfortunately, they do end up capping the stables. Of course we lose the farm, which is where the allies are concentrating. But of course this makes them think they were right and they start harassing me. 'QQ now? We took it you noob!' They even go so far as to start insulting me about my gear. Sure, my 70's gear isn't endgame raid or arena spec, I'm a pretty casual player and play my alts more than my 70, but seriously? Gear matters about following team strategy?

We end up winning the BG, I think we had the LM, Stables, and mine. 3 caps, like we had before, but a different 3 which means it took longer.

I almost wish we didn't win, because now you have about 3 people who think that their plan of attack attack attack is always going to be right. >.< Maroons in training.

The only thing I think you could do is send a tell to 'Senorpollo' on Jaedenar explaining the merits of defending flags and not sending tells insulting a teammate in the middle of a BG. Another one was Retardeadd on Jaedenar also. Man, what's up with Jaedenar? Last was 'wejustwiped' on Anvilmar.

Maybe just give them a little hint that yes we can win by running around willy-nilly, but it doesn't mean that's the good way to do it.

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Oooh, 'tis a keylogger.

Nice try.

I don't know how, and I don't know why, but this is totally Sheep's fault.