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22nd August 2004

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#1 16 years ago

The download for the public beta of World of Warcraft slammed FilePlanet servers in 20 mins. The rush to beta knocked the Blizzard site offline.

The wait is 50+ minutes -- ALL public servers -- and the Website for WoW was knocked offline with beta sign up's ... SLAMMED.

Don't try downloading from FilePlanet public servers for a few hours. It's slammed.

The WoW site is down ... Hammered.

I managed to get into the open beta with 20,000 others. Now the wait for download _________________

Free Public Servers Non-subscribers can use these on a first-come, first-serve basis. DownloadServicing:Thunder Bluff - DLM, USA, West CoastProvided

By:FilePlanetUsers:709/709Wait Time:60 minutes DownloadServicing:Ironforge - DLM, USA, East CoastProvided

By:FilePlanetUsers:554/554Wait Time:50 minutes DownloadServicing:Darnassus - DLM, USA, East CoastProvided

By:FilePlanetUsers:500/500Wait Time:51 minutes

DownloadServicing:Booty Bay, USA, West CoastProvided By:FilePlanetUsers:643/643Wait Time:55 minutes