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#1 11 years ago

Hopefully you will consider 804 as your raiding guild.

A little background on ourselves. We are a laid back guild who understands that sometimes, people have to take care of real life. We are on the Elune server and raid 3 nights a week, Tuesday 7-11, Friday 7-11, and Sunday 5-11. This is eastern standard time.

Currently we have cleared all of KZ and are looking to tackle Gruul's Lair and beyond. We by no means push content as we prefer to advance at our own pace learning as we go. We do however, expect you to be available the days we raid. We run off of DKP, although KZ is awards.

If your looking for a friendly bunch of folks, who understand the seriousness of raiding and also the importance of having real life time, then please feel free to check us out and post an app! Transfers are always welcome.

We are currently looking for:

1-2 Mages 1-2 Priests 1-2 Druids (Resto) 1-2 Paladins (Holy) 1-2 Shamans

Hope to hear from you!