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#1 14 years ago

Hey all; I have used a model for a unit I made, and have replaced the Game Interface with one I feel looks more like that unit. However, whenever there is a techtree requirement that is not made, a big green spot appears in the space where the unit should be. Here is exactly what I'm doing : I imported two tga files into the campaign manager and changed their paths to 'replaceabletextures\commandbuttons\BTNPhoton Cannon.tga' 'replaceabletextures\commandbuttons\DISBTNPhoton Cannon.tga' They're both 64x64 files. I changed the custom unit's game interface path to 'replaceabletextures\commandbuttons\BTNPhoton Cannon.tga' The BTN is showing up when requirements are met, but whenever requirements aren't met I still see a big green spot. What am I doing wrong? gruntconfused.gif