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#1 11 years ago

Yes, that's right. My friend and I created an account for BC, I installed the game, logged in, started downloading the 2.3 patch, and installed the patch. Then here is when the strange things start happening. When I try logging in again, I cannot get into my account (Both on WoW website and in the game). I try all the different capitalizations possible, I even write out my password and account name on Notepad and then copy-paste to make sure the spelling is correct. Nothing. I've used the retrieve password and account name thing on the WoW website, and it's still wrong. I've never told anyone the account name and password, and in any case, my friend has the same problem (logged in properly, logged out, and then tried logging in again straight after, didn't work the second time). Is there something wrong with the account? Is it something in the patch? Is it a problem with Burning Crusade? What is it?