Absolute Tennis Manager

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The most complete Tennis management game on PC to date in terms of features and documentation!

Start your career by embodying an existing player, or create him from scratch in your image, and lead him to the most prestigious successes! 

To do this, you will have to surround yourself with a high-performance staff, progress on the technical, mental and physical levels, register for tournaments accessible according to your ranking, manage your strategies and tactics, your finances, build and improve your domain, your family life, travels, vacations, and more!

All world tournaments, from the FTT II to the Majors, as well as the Davis Cup, the ATT Finals and the Olympic Games.
 All players faithfully transcribed, from shadow players to world tennis stars.

In Absolute Tennis Manager, you will also have access to all the player statistics, matches, records and archives of the history of Tennis, as well as all the games of the main circuit since the year 2000.

So, don’t wait any longer, the glory awaits you to enter the Hall Of Fame of Tennis, and why not, become the best Player in History! 

Main features:

  • Play as an existing professional tennis player or create it in your image
  • Surround yourself with an efficient staff to unlock the training workshops
  • Schedule your training and take advantage of your staff’s skills to progress
  • Organize your calendar and trips to participate in the accessible tournaments of your choice
  • Communicate by SMS with all players in the game, negotiate contracts
  • Develop your tactics and strategies according to your opponents' style of play
  • Live the games in real time and react to events by adjusting your strategy
  • Check your overall health check-up, and take care to be in optimal fit
  • Manage your finances and take out loans at the bank
  • Develop your field by enriching it with structures that you can benefit from to improve yourself
  • Do everyday activities in your spare time
  • Manage your personal life, meet your soul mate, grow your family
  • Check out all Tennis rankings, statistics, archives and records
  • Consult the cards of all the players in the game, interact with them
  • Earn career points to hope to enter and progress in the Tennis Hall of Fame

Always different careers for an unlimited game life ….



To install Absolute Tennis Manager
1. Execute SSCERuntime_x86-FRA.exe to install the necessary DLL for 32 bits
2. Execute SSCERuntime_x64-FRA.exe to install the necessary DLL for 64 bits
3. Execute ATM_Setup.exe, and let the installation program guide you
	Please note : it is not recommended to install the game on disk C to avoid problems of authorization

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