Act of War

Act of War: Direct Action is a highly realistic, near future real-time strategy game, set against the backdrop of a conflict that threatens to permanently change the face of our world. Created in conj...

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Name Developer Filesize Downloads
XXL Loki (Fr) 4.12MB 2738
Hamburger Hill Henry666 3.35MB 3345
Battle of the Alamo Offical Mod Atari 336KB 1804
Battle of the Alamo Offical Mod Atari 5.17MB 4276
HT Airport Map Pack Henry666 22.07MB 9157
Act of War: High Treason Patch #1b Atari 175.12MB 22364
Navy Invaders Mod Atari 5.43MB 11146
Act of War ESports video sksus 40.42MB 559
Act of War Inofficial Trailer sksus 14.51MB 650
Act of War Micro and Strategy sksus 102.84MB 798
High Treason Converted Maps by Henry666 Henry666 6.74MB 3021
Act of War: High Treason Patch #1 Atari 142.67MB 10282
Moscow Outskirts Henry666 2.32MB 2198
La colline rouge et noir DARK von NUKEM 921KB 1804
Act of War - High Treason Fixed Executable Atari 11.76MB 1767
Sandstorm Valley Liketysplitt 295KB 2279
Act of War High Treason Demo Atari 752.19MB 8738
Act of War: High Treason Pics Guest 39.97MB 687
Act of War: High Treason Pics Guest 39.97MB 585
No Way Out Henry666 2.12MB 1923
Vast Forest DARK von NUKEM 1.12MB 2575
Chernobyl Map Pack Henry666 10.15MB 10434
Operation Overlord 2 DARK von NUKEM 986KB 2883
Map Pack 2 Henry666 18.22MB 10433
Act of War Expansion: High Resolution Guest 88.15MB 3981
Bridges of Fear Mika 1.4MB 3552
Sahara Fortress Mika 1.64MB 3706
Oasis Michael 2.2MB 2687
Concentration Camp Michael 3.27MB 2899
Alpine Mountain Battle Mika 2.32MB 5672
Infantry War Sandy Warnstaff 1.35MB 5594
Era of Royals Eye of War 1.32MB 6396
2 Pompeiis Donny V 5.73MB 4234
Russian Roulette Mika 121KB 3156
Tactical Chaos ERIKWASHERE 530KB 3566
Road To Hell Salsifi 1.55MB 3904
4 Corners of the Earth Kerian Waters 6.04MB 3044
Forest Assault Sandy Warnstaff 2.29MB 3349
Blood Sky Warzone Sandy Warnstaff 4.5MB 6315
Canal Way Sandy Warnstaff 3.95MB 2650
Mike vs. Marcus Michael 5.52MB 3014
Island Wars Sandy Warnstaff 2.76MB 4270
Stalled Down Donny V 2.09MB 4655
Act of War Patch 4 Multilanguage Atari 69.32MB 14820
Act of War - Warten auf Gordot sksus 26.39MB 682
Act of war wallpapers (1280x1024) Guest 4.24MB 1087
Act of War wallpapers (1600x1200) Guest 4.98MB 891
Tactical Surfaces ZBENJI 975KB 4507
Analyse and Destruction 831_Colonel_ak47 842KB 3742
1_way_across Gilder 5.53MB 4405