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AoWCentral is going offline.

18 years ago, last updated 6 years ago

This article is really old. Formatting may be broken as a result. If this article is un-readable please report it.

AoWCentral is going offline due to lack of updates and post in their forums. Here is what afonic had to say: [quote] Goodbye: As most can see, their have been no new updates, less forum posts. AoW as a game is dieing and its hype is also going away. Our mods are have gone off doing other things. And our site is nologer needed to help get AoW off its feet, as was our org reason for being, to help the aow gaming community grow. Why: I, at the age of a mear 21, have just bought an $ 120k condo, to live in for the next 8 years while I finsh getting my website design digree. I am also getting a masters in teaching. I am starting my seconed company that will host websites, thats to come online later this month. As my first company, designs websites. I've had some large design offers made to me, thus I too must step down for lack of time. Riot-Mod info: I've not hurd from redman (riot-mod) for over a month now. I know that his monther was not doing well, and I hope for them to all be ok. But most can easly say the mod is dead. His site will remain hosted as it bairly use's any bandwith. (riot-mod.com) Anacondira-Mod info: However, Anacondira Mod will remain going. It will be offline for a few days as they alocate their site info and have forums setup, and old posts moved. I'll conutue to keep codeing their site for lack of webcode-geeks. Their domain will remain the same, less is requested for a new domain name. (anacondria.aow-central.com) Spam me not: I ask that no-one email me asking to take the site over/help mod it. Our admins I knew on a personal level and I trusted them because of their age/ect. I'll not hand a decated server acess over to someone I dont know. All our files can be located on other sites, so please dont worry. [/quote] We wish luck in whatever you do.

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