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2 Player Sandy Battle Map

This is my first Act of War map. It is a small 1v1 map with plenty of oil on it to fuel a big war ground, air, or tatictal. Each derrick hol...


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2 Player 1 Vs 1 Money Map

This is a map for anyone who likes to play 1 Vs 1 and also likes a lot of money. There is a lot of room in the main base with 3 banks and 2...


2 Player The Plantation

This map is basicly a tiny 1v1 over a large, hard to access mansion. The only real infantry cover is in the trees linging the roads and the...


2 Player Rose Isle Map

Here is a very nice map that was sent in by Britman: Red Rose Island - 1v1 - Act of War: Direct Action- by Britman Info: This...


2 Player Around the Way Map

Here is a map sent in by Mocafrost: Around the Way, by Mocafrost, is my first map for any RTS. It is a 1v1 map of varied climate....


2 Player Canal Way

A pretty decent map, in my opinion. Features include: 2 Player with 160x72 dimensions. Download now!!!


2 Player Concentration Camp

There is not a lot of room on this one so most of the fighting will be done on foot. There is an easily defended crossing and there is plent...


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2 Player Operation Overlord 2

There are 2 starting points on this map (obviously :p). There is a beach starting point and a hill starting point. The player who ends up...


2 Player No Way Out

A small 1 vs. 1 map, alcatraz-style. Check out the screenshot below and have fun!


2 Player La colline rouge et noir

This hill is at some kilometer in the south-east of the factory of the TGE in Egypt. This one is used as oil-bearing reserve to the TGE. But...


2 Player Moscow Outskirts

Moscow Outskirts is a medium sized map designed for 1 vs 1.


2 Player Hamburger Hill

The player conquering the Hill first will have the advantage but there are some other routes so be careful.