1 Vs 1 Money Map

aow_1v1_money.zip —


This is a map for anyone who likes to play 1 Vs 1 and also likes a lot of money. There is a lot of room in the main base with 3 banks and 2 oil deposits. They have a max limit of 144000. The two bases are the same size but are located in opposite corners. The two other corners contain a small land mass that has a derrick that is only able to support another Derrick and a refinery.



   1v1 Money map : Act of War: Direct Action- by DarkHyren

Info:   just a quick make up map for all those ppl hankering for a battle with plenty of 
	money for those wanting to have a long game with a comp/person.
	Plenty of room in main base with 3 full banks and 2 oil deposits with 144000
	(which seems to be max) both bases are the same size in oposite corners. In the Two
	non-base corners there is a small land mass with a derrick only able to support
	a Derrick and refinery with some slight defence (building)
	(the lack of details is to cut down on space and graphics allowing smoother gameplay
	and faster creation of map at the moment) When played versus a low computer they do
	not invest into the high techs but give a steady stream of units.(recommended medium
	or higher difficulty)

Instructions: Place 2v2_Money.aowmap into custom maps folder found within your Act of War
              folder (example: C:/Act of War/CustomMaps/ *note this is not the original 
	      folder placement) When playing be sure to select CustomMaps tab in the
	      select map screen)

This file my be distributed as see fit as long as credit is given back to me.

I will not be posting any contact info at this time perhaps in later maps

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