Analyse and Destruction

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Analysis & Destruction is a 4 Player Map for Act of War Direct Action, each player respectively begins in the corner of the map and each player has a drilling tower with 75000 Credits at their base. in the middle of the the map there are 3 drilling towers with respectively 65000 Credits. On the rights side (in middle) is another bank with 67000 Credits.



Analyse & Destruction Act v1.3 ist eine 4 Player Map für Act of War Direct Action, 
jeder Spieler beginnt jeweils in der Ecke der Karte und jeder Spieler hat ein Bohrturm 
mit 75000 Credits an seiner Basis. in der Mitte befinden sich 3 Bohrtürme mit jeweils 
65000 Credits, auf der Rechten Seite (Mitte befindet sich noch eine Bank mit 67000 Credits.

Häuserkämpfe sind auf der Rechten seite Ohne Probleme möglich, in der Mitte befinden sich
ebenfalls einpaar Gebäude um die Bohrtürme zu verteidigen.

Genügend Platz zum Bauen ist vorhanden, die Texturen der karte sind zwar nicht perfekt gelegt
und auch sonst weniger Details vorhanden, aber für eine Fanmade für Fun Games durchaus lohnenswert.

Dieses File wurde von Act of War Headquarters - http://www.AoWHQ.de - IRC: #AoWHQ @ QuakeNet runtergeladen.

--------------------------------------Analyse & Destruction Act v1.2------------------------------------------------------

For instal this map extract files in C:/Program Files/Atari/Act of War/Custom map

Launch the game , open a custom game and select the map in custom map .

Good Playing! 


For create this map i am inspired of the film "black hawk down" one of my favorite film .
This map is a 2vs2 or 1vs1 map .

The title means this map is for a big battle and make reference of [A&D] team a french team of a lot of games who is die.
The title make reference of Act of War with the word "act" too .

This map is created by [831_Colonel_ak47]  (or **Colonel*ak47**) 
and please contact me by Email with [email protected] or by Msn with [email protected] for suggest .

-------------------------------------------News of the version------------------------------------------------------------

The aircraft road at the top of right was built up again

The beach was upgraded

The sky light (sunlight...) was improved

The money of start derick was improved of 90 000 to 75 000
"          " middle derick "            " 70 000 to 65 000
"          "  middle bank  "            " 70 000 to 67 500

Electric post and cable was built up again

The place of the middle derick was upgraded to stop the rush all the time

The bug of minimap was fixed


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