Bank Island Map

bank_island.zip —


Here is another map submission! :) :

This is a very nice map, It's a 1v1 map with each person having 1 oil, there is 4 banks: 2 on mainland and 1 on either end of the map (Norht and South), Each bank holds $100,000 so a key to hold ingame. Again great job Glider!

Thanks for this great map Glider!



Bank Island Version 1.00


Unzip bankisland.aowmap into \...\Act of War - Direct Action\CustomMaps

misc info:
Dont trust the mini map, its messed up like all of em
Hint: still deffend you base with other units than inf in the buildings in the middle
Hint: put AA on the islands, you need to air lift there, if you cant, you cant take it


ME: making, testing
KingsRevenge: testing
Wezz6400: testing


I am not responsable for this map messing up your computer, or version of Act of War. No altering using this map in mods without my pression. To get that, contact me via email : [email protected]

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