Bridges of Fear

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This is a 4 player map that is suited for a 2 vs. 2 game. There is a starting point in each corner. There are no oilfields near any of the starting fields. There are 14 bridges which makes it easy to ambush your enemy if you lay and wait. It is good to capture the banks as soon as possible.



Bridges of Fear v1.5

Map Name: Bridges of Fear v1.5
Version: 1.5
Map Author: Mika
Released: 22.11.2005
Map font face size: 120x96
Players: 4 (2vs2)
Skirmish Compatible: Yes
Resources: 5 Oilfields, 7 Banks
Time: Early Morning/Dawn
Terrain: City
Game: Act of War: Direct Action

A 4 player map suited for a 2x2 battle. 
Starting points can be found in bases in each corner of the map. No oilfield to be found close to your base. First a search has to be done to find your oilfield. On the map you will find 14 bridges to cross. Its easy to be ambushed this way or to lay an ambush for the enemy. The banks are critical points so its good to capture them as soon as possible. You need sufficient financial means to fight yourself thru because there are so many places where the enemy can come from. 

Unzip the file in a a folder, look for the .aowmap file, copy it and drop it in the custommaps folder of the act of war game.

enjoy your battles!!


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