Canal Way

A pretty decent map, in my opinion. Features include: 2 Player with 160x72 dimensions. Download now!!!


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A pretty decent map, in my opinion. Features include: 2 Player with 160x72 dimensions. Download now!!!

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Download 'canal_way.rar' (3.95MB)

Canal Way

Installation: Unzip to Actofwar/CustomMaps

Dimensions: 160x72

Players: 2

Ambush Points: Several thousand trees

Choke points: 5 bridges in and out of both bases. Various other bridges provide all acces to islands.

Resources: 6 average size oil wells. 2 at each base, 2 just outside the half-way points.

After spending 7 hours making a huge forest map that's got to much info to compile, I made this map. I couldn't think of any decent name for it. 

There are many trees for infantry to take advantage of. The bridges are the only way to get around without air transportation, so you'll have to get creative
if you want to kill a good player.

There are 6 islands, and 4 land masses. 4 square(ish) islands connected by 4 bridges each make up the center. The sides of the map are composed of one long
island then a small strip of land that runs through the end of the map. Both bases have 5 entrences, all bridges, and are all easily accesable. Resources are
quite scarce, especially in comparison to my other recent maps. You'll have to make use of infantry more. Assault troops (marines, AKs, TFTCs) are much
better at clearing the small forests then snipers. Due to a realistic line of site (LOS) units cannot see through the trees, witch means snipers have a
hard time except for guarding bridges.

I lost a number of heavy snipers to AI infanrty because the snipers couldn't "see them" in the trees. Always acumpany you snipers with several assault troops
or your snipers will die.


This map was made by Sandy Warnstaff using the official Act of War map editor on August 4th, 2005. You may re-distribiute this as you see fit PROVIDED you
give me the proper credit.

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