La colline rouge et noir

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This hill is at some kilometer in the south-east of the factory of the TGE in Egypt. This one is used as oil-bearing reserve to the TGE. But that position was revealed and maintaining the red blood it is mixing with the black of oil. Your base seemed difficult to defend if you dominate the slopes that can you facilitate the spot enormous. On the other hand while remaining on the defencive one you will not be able to reach the enormous oil reserve. Each oil puit on the hill has a capacity of 120 000 units, the office with the left extreme holds 10 000 $. But warning the puit near of your base contain 30 000 units it's just enough for the beginning of a base.



		    *** La colline rouge et noir ***



 Author:  DARK von NUKEM
 Contained of the zip:  La colline rouge et noir.aowmap 
		 La colline rouge et noir.jpg 
		 read It me French and English 


		* mode play *

 solo:  not
 Multijoueur:  yes (maximum 2 players)

		/construction \

Lasted of construction:  + 8 hours
Editor of level used:  Eugeditor v 0.82 

		- current version -

 Version:  1.0  To finish on March 5 2006

		 # historical #

 v 1.0:  first version "bug known"

 v 1.0:  - In the event of destrution of element of the decoration the effects do not disappear.  (Highly the possibility 
               to put some script 8 -))).  
             - With the niveu of the channel which carries out towards the port in constrution a concrete plate has its shade
               reversed compared to the sun. 
             - Certain fence safety are badly aligned. 

		 ^ copyright ^

 You can diffuse this zip by any means and put it on your site with the proviso of not modifying or of removing element a file.
  it must be to specify that the author is me even.  

The author 

Good play to all 8 -)))

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