Map Pack 2

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Ok guys here is a mappack that contains 6 different maps. There are some duplicates but are different because the settings have changed. For exampll these extra ones have more money available on them.



Act of War Mappack #2

Created by Henry666

Highway to Hell: Desert based theme on this one, pretty good defendable starting spots, conquer the middle island for advantage
		 Included in this Pack are 2 different versions, one for balanced MP-Battles one for Skirmish sessions (guess which one :))

Destruction Valley: Central City, this one is mostly about conquering the Banks, but flanking over the sides can turn the game (also 2 versions included)

Destruction Center: Shrinked version of the upper Map, for closer 1vs1 battles

Island Invasion: Mostly a tryout Map for me, you will find some elements in the Highway to Hell Map, good for you fast 1vs.1 battle lovers

AI does very good work on all of the Maps, hardley playtested lots of times! (thx to my brother :))


- Make sure you have the latest patch installed (check http://www.atari.com/actofwar/)
- Extract the content of this file to your "actofwarinstallationdirectory"/custommaps folder
- Select the Maps ingame under Custommaps

Have Fun!

Feel free to distribute this file wherever you like.

Comments? Mail me at [email protected] or [email protected]

Visit: www.actofwar.info and www.aowhq.de for more great stuff.

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