Operation Overlord 2

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There are 2 starting points on this map (obviously :p). There is a beach starting point and a hill starting point. The player who ends up starting at the beach will have more resources but it's not a very good position. The player that starts on the hill has the best starting point but also lacks funds. I think that this will make for a good battle in the end because one player has a good setup while the other persond has more money.



*** Operation overlord 2 ***


Author:  DARK von NUKEM 
Contained of the zip:  Operation overlord2.aowmap 
		read me French and English

		 * mode of play *

 Jeu in solo:  not
 Multijoueur:  yes (maximum 2 players)

		/ construction \
Lasted of construction:  + 5 hours 
Editor of level used:  EugenEd v 0.98
	an alternative on the topic of the unloading.  On the beach you have much resource but your position is
not favorable contrary to the owner of the hill

		- current version - 

Version:  1.0  To finish on September 11 2005

		 # historical # 

v 1.0:  first version "bug known"
v 1.0:  - Some road its evil connected between them
            - the units tend to remain to block in the city 
            - At the time of stiff starting of the beach, if one follows the plane the distance from sight decreases 
              then becomes again normal

	It is possible to diffuse this zip by all the possible means without the files present is to modify

Here is the French version:

			*** Opération overlord 2 ***

                                INFO SUR LE MAP


Auteur : DARK von NUKEM
Contenue du zip : Opération overlord2.aowmap	
                  Le lisez-moi français et anglais

                            *mode de jeu*

Jeu en solo : non
Multijoueur : oui (maximum 2 joueurs)


Durée de construction : + de 5 heures
Editeur de niveau utilisé : EugenEd v 0.98 


	Une variante sur le thème du débarquement. Sur la plage vous avez beaucoup de ressource mais
votre position n'est pas favorable contrairement au possesseur de la colline

                          - version actuelle -

Version : 1.0
Terminer le 11 septembre 2005

                           # historique #

v 1.0 : premier version

                             " bogue connu "

v 1.0 : - Quelque route son mal branchés entre elles
	- les unités ont tendances à rester bloquer dans la ville
	- Lors d'un raide démarrant de la plage, si on suit l'avion la distance de vue diminue 
	puis redevient normal 

	Il est possible de diffuser ce zip par tout les moyens possibles sans que les fichiers present soit modifier

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