Sahara Fortress

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This is a 4 player map that is played in the desert, hence the name. You will start in a fortress and your objectives is to wipe out your enemy. The developer recommends that you capture the village as soon as possible.




Sahara Fortress Fighters

A 4 player map with the Sahara dessert as battlefront. Starting in fortresses you have to wipe out your enemy. You can gather resources from 1 oilfield in your fortess. Each party starts with this 1 oilfield. On the battle field you can find 2 oilfields more. Also 2 banks in a little dessert village are included.

Unpack the Zip file and put the .aowmap file in the customs folder of your game.

Enjoy playing.

Tip: Conquer the village as soon as possible and capture 1 of the oilfields on the hills

Made by Mika (october 2005)

Intel P4 2.8ghz Prescott 1mb cache
2Gb pc3200 ddr ram 400mhz Corsair 2,3,3,6
Asus P4p800 VM motherboard
Atlantis Radeon 9600XT 256mb
250Gb Hdd Sata Western Digital + 80Gb Hdd Maxtor
Asus dvd player + Aopen dvd rw
Logitech laser cordless mouse
Iiyama 19inch Pro 451 monitor
Creative soundblaster Audigy 2nx

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