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Act of War AoWFiles Closing

The time has come for us to close our Act of War site and keep it up as an archive. This means that the site won't be updated anymore but we'll keep it online. We thank you for visiting the site and it's a shame to see that Act of War didn't do as well as people hoped it would. Thanks for visiting a...


Act of War Poll Results 12-26 1-07

What do you think of the new video for the expansion pack? 57.6% 49 - Excellent 28.2% 24 - Good 8.2% 7 - Alright 5.8% 5 - Bad


Act of War Poll Results 12-18-12-26

What would you like to see more of? 44.1% 30 - News about mods 44.1% 30 - Maps 11.7% 8 - Other


Act of War Merry Christmas to all.

I would just like to wish you all a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year from the team at AoW-Files.


Act of War Poll Results 12-11 12-18

Are you still into AoW? 55.2% 63 - Yes 27.1% 31 - A Little 17.5% 20 - No


Act of War Weekly Poll Results


Act of War Weekly Poll Results


Act of War Weekly Poll Results


Act of War Poll Results

Here are the results in the latest poll: Will You Be Getting The Expansion Pack? - Vote here if you haven't done so already! - Yes, I'm going to pre-order it 73.4% (36) No, I'm bored of AOW 26.5% (13) Total: 49 Start: 09-26-2005 09:40 Last: 10-03-2005 03:20


Act of War Poll Results

How often do you play AoW? I play a few times each week. 31.9% (67) I've moved on to other games. 26.6% (56) I play a couple hours a day. 19.5% (41) I am a hardcore all day everyday AoW gamer! 13.3% (28) I'm down to once a week. 8.5% (18) Total: 210 Start: 09-02-2005 17:39 Last:...


Act of War New Staff Member

Hey folks. I'm new here on AoW files. I work also at Armada2files with adding news and files and figure that I can help here as well. So I will be helping out here, posting the files and news so that things can move a little more quickly. On another point, I'm glad to be a part of this great comm...


Act of War Welcome your new co-admin!

Hello all you AOW fans, I am Pethegreat, the head admin from Halo files. I will be the new co-admin here helping out with things on this site and posting files/news. If you wihs to contact me or just send me news or files my e-mail adress is Pethegreat @ spaces) I hope I can help make t...


Act of War File Submission Reminder

Just as a reminder: We have been getting files that have no readme or screenshots included. Make sure you include everything in your .ZIP file. Also make sure you give us your name if you would like developer credit with your file! For full file submission rules click here.


Act of War Anacondria Rising Profile added to Mod Center

Update: Anacondria Rising mod has been added to the Mod Center Stop by and visit the Mod Center for news on new mods.


Act of War Results From Poll #5

Well yet again a great poll guys! The results are as follows...: -All of them- WINNER with 41 votes -U.S Army- 21 Votes -Task Force Talon- 16 Votes -Consortium- 7 Votes Thanks for voting!!!!!!


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